About Us

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We are Steve and Tammy Hess, a home builder contractor and a registered nurse. We also like to call ourselves horse crazy Tennessee Walking Horse breeders! While experience is our only expertise to boast of, experience is often the best teacher! Twenty years have passed, but each spring is no less a celebration than the first, as we witness the miracle of birth at each new foal's arrival. Unashamedly, a tear of joy is shed and a clap of cheer goes up as each foals finds it's feet , takes it's first steps and nurses at it's mothers side.! But the real celebration happens when each foal finds his new home with a horse lover like yourself. 
All the hours of love and work invested would be in vain if these babies cannot fill a need in someone's life. A sincere thank you goes out to all the good hearts that have chosen to spend countless hours of enjoyment and self discovery with
one of our horses. If it wasn't for you , we would not be able to continue doing what we feel led to do, and love most, making beautiful horses!

Foaling season is our favorite time of year, but as you can see below, we have lots of other fun things to do on the farm. We love to trail ride, 4 wheeler ride, and hunt with our precious family and friends.  The farm has 100 acres of green pasture, graced with several clear springs, two ponds and several acres of woods. The rolling hills allow for spectacular view of which we never grow unappreciative. It is easy to let hours slip away as we watch foals enjoying their freedom. They grow strong and wise with the unparalleled habitat and education nature has to offer them. This is our life, we want no other.