Our stallions are available to your mares at $400 breeding fee, plus $5/day boarding. We may be able to negotiate terms for transportation of your mare if you live within 100 miles.

Pleasant Run Cream Man, (Utah) ,produces a rainbow of brilliant color .He has a tobiano gene and produces several spotted foals. Of course it goes without saying, he produces natural  gait too! or he wouldn't be standing on our farm! His color DNA is  AACrCrEe, perlino, making him capable of producing buckskin or palomino with added 50% chance of spots.

In 2015 we  added The Buck's Kin Maker (Honi) to our line up . He is a 15.2 hand AACrCrEE perlino. This means 100% buckskin color results with any bay , black , or chestnut/sorrel mare. Your Buckskin/Palomino mares will produce 50/50  Buckskin or perlino. He does not carry a tobiano gene for those wanting solid buckskins. See his page  for film clip of him in paddock after just turning 2 years old.